Very different, still me

I might have specialized in paper cutting or collage illustrations, but sometimes the project needs another medium. Here you can see some of the other mediums I use from time to time. If you fancy one of these materials, please don't hesitate to get in contact.


Drawings with sand

Paper cut from black paper

Art made of discarded plastic bags

( Found on the streets of Amsterdam, cleaned and then cut and ironed into shapes. No paint was used, just the original bags.)


Elze van den Akker

Henriette Ronnerplein 3-IV

1073KS Amsterdam

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VAT: NL001768118B55

KVK: 343848180000





The Copyright for the designs you see on this website belong to Elze van den Akker, aka the jolly illustrator. Please do not reproduce any design or part of it without prior consent.