I am a paper cutter or collage maker by heart


So how do I work?


I start to give some, mostly used, pieces of paper colours and structures. I use acrylic paint, colour pencil, watercolour and acrylic pens to do so. To get nice structures I not only use brushes in all forms and sorts but also the occasional odd object like a toy Lama or a cheese grater. Basically anything that can make a structure and there is a lot if you start looking for them ;-)


I then cut out the shapes I want and stick them in my precious workbook. After scanning in the pages I shuffle the shapes around and finish the illustration in Photoshop. Sometimes I add a handmade stamp or a pencil-drawn object to the illustration too, just for the fun of it,.


See the papercut part of me making two turtle  Doves in the video below.




ps. The music is made by my favourite human Matthijs Hage because I love his compositions and I want you to enjoy them too



Music ©Matthijs Hage


Elze van den Akker

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